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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you meet/pick up from airport or seaport?

    No, Airport ONLY or we deliver to anywhere in Barbados.

  2. What if my departure is prior to or after opening hours?

    At the time of rental please inform the rental agent and arrangements will be made to accommodate you.

  3. Can any one other than me drive the vehicle?

    Yes, providing that the person meets all rental requirements, is at least 25 years old and has signed our Insurance Declaration Form as an additional Driver.

  4. Can an international driver’s license be used in lieu of a Barbados Temporary Driver’s License?

    No, a Barbados Temporary Driver’s License (issued at time of rental) for US $5.00 must be purchased. Driver must present valid driver’s license (from resident country) to qualify.

  5. How should I use the roundabout?

    Give way to traffic entering roundabout on your right.

  6. Speed limits in Barbados

    Most surface roads have limits of 60km/ph. The ABC and Spring Garden Highway has a limit of 80km/ph.

  7. Are your vehicles air conditioned and right hand drive?

    Yes, most of our vehicles are air conditioned and right hand drive, except for mokes.

  8. In the event of a flat tyre are cars equipped with necessary tools?

    Yes, tools necessary to change tyre can be found in trunk with spare.

  9. Can I make a left turn on red light?



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